Inspiration for modern interior and living from Europe

Tango by Luceplan
15/04/2014 [italy] [lighting] [permalink]

An innovative floor lamp for indirect lighting, in which the Argentine designer Francisco Gomez Paz has metaphorically transfigured the harmonious, sensual movements of the dance of the same name, giving the fixture a dynamic posture of variable geometry, which through a simple gesture makes it possibly to gently adjust the direction of the beam.

Blockone by Euromobil Group
12/04/2014 [italy] [livingroom] [permalink]

Among the sofa peninsula with linear and rational design Blockone is a system of modular seating system, with a broad compositional freedom, both in positioning the back cushions is to use two widths and two different heights of the armrest.

Swell sofa by Normann Copenhagen
09/04/2014 [denmark] [livingroom] [permalink]

Swell is a minimalistic collection of furniture for the living room with a playful, light-hearted feel. The soft, curved silhouettes give the furniture pieces an inviting look and ensure a fantastic sitting comfort. The name Swell is a reference to rising bread. Swell has a full shape, consisting of a robust padded back and seat and two curvy armrests. The stitching on the back and the seats divides the sofas into sections and completes the feel.

Frooty by Absolute Appetite
06/04/2014 [germany] [trubka] [permalink]

FROOTY Sensual Smoothie Cups have been designed to bring the magic of fruit to life. Smoothies are healthy, convenient and tasty, but fruit can also be seductive and playful, and eating fruit can be a sensual experience. FROOTY Sensual Smoothie cups provide a new, tactile drinking experience that stimulates your senses. With their sculptural aesthetics and flawless finish, these delicate cups are both decorative and eye-catching. Each fine bone china cup is traditionally handcrafted. Available in 4 different shapes: Raspberry, Peach, Banana and Lemon.

Cutaway by Decode London
03/04/2014 [uk] [outdoor] [permalink]

Stool, chair, table or bench? Versatile yet simple, Cutaway, by Jethro Macey can be used indoors or outdoors and in a variety of ways. Influenced by the geometric air bricks used in Mediterranean architecture, the pattern incorporates a graphic element that is typical of Maceys work.

Spoon XL by Agape
31/03/2014 [italy] [bathroom] [permalink]

Bathtub made from white Cristalplant biobased. The inclined concave internal profile allows optimal water distribution, so that users can fully relax.

New Sea Defence light by Andy Murray Design
28/03/2014 [trubka] [trubka] [permalink]

Made from layered birch plywood with a 40cm birch baseplate this is the new version of the original Sea Defence Lamp. With a visible braided cotton cable and switch on the lampholder there is an emphasis on the simple details. The look is completed with the construction dowels on show.

Strapp 1 barstool by HB group
25/03/2014 [uk] [others] [permalink]

A universal piece of furniture, the strapp 1 & 2 barstools with their central supporting bases are made of powder coated steel ribbons and are available in two subtle profiles, one slightly slimmer than the other with an hourglass silhouette. a simple circular pad creates comfortable seating.

Klopstock by Moorman
22/03/2014 [germany] [others] [permalink]

For Klopstock can do what hardly any other table can. A sophisticated click and snap system enables Klopstock s legs to be positioned in 12 different symmetrical (and some more non-symmetrical) arrangements, suitable for any desired position of chairs and table heights. Or just for an arrangement you like best. In case your taste changes, you grow, you move, or you want to use Klopstock in a different way, you simply convert Klopstock once again.

reLEAF by Teracrea
19/03/2014 [italy] [trubka] [permalink]

reLEAF is, technically speaking, a rainwater collector: a thermo lacquered aluminium sheet in a shape that took its inspiration directly from the plant kingdom. It enables water on terraces and balconies to be collected so that it can be re-used. reLEAF can be “planted” directly into a pot or watering can to increase the surface area over which rain can be collected. A mirror image of the plant kingdom. Ironic and practical. the older news here


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