Inspiration for modern interior and living from Europe

Take-off by Fifti-Fifti
24/06/2014 [germany] [lighting] [permalink]

The lampshade is made of two sheets of paper with a very fine pattern of laser stiches which can be enlarged at will. So it is possible to determine where the light passes through the lamp-shade. This leads to an endless variety of light/shade structures and patterns. The metal frame is to be stuck to one piece, the paper sheets are fixed by magnets.

Filo by Maura Modoni
21/06/2014 [italy] [lighting] [permalink]

A lamp with sliding lighting elements. You can change the shape of the lamp and theatmosphere by simply moving each stick.

Woodspot by Alessandro Zambelli
17/06/2014 [italy] [trubka] [permalink]

Alessandro Zambelli will be presenting Woodspot - the new table lamp he has conceived for Mantua-based furnisher Seletti - at the next edition of Maison et Objet. The designer s new work is made in pine with a natural finish and has been assembled and varnished entirely by hand. Woodspot s base supports a light diffuser with the unexpected look of a three-dimensional frame. The object s highly unusual profile combines design rigour and expressive freedom which sidestep convention.

Lift shelves by Staffan Holm
11/06/2014 [sweden] [livingroom] [permalink]

Inspired by extendable scissor lift trucks, the versatile Lift shelving units can be used on their own or as a modular shelving system, freestanding or easily mounted on the wall. Designed by Staffan Holm, Lift shelves are a modern option for traditional wooden shelving systems. Lift comes in a flat pack and is fast and easy to assemble.

Porcelain Jug by Aldo Bakker
08/06/2014 [netherlands] [others] [permalink]

Porcelain Jug part of the Jug + Cup tableware collection by Aldo Bakker for Particles. Because of the performance that the Jug suggests, it never looks lost when it stands unused. For it even performs as it waits to carry out its function: pouring. To use it you turn it upside down so that the big opening points upwards and fill it with water. When full, the Jug balances on the table; when empty, you can turn it upside down again (to cover the cup)

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Biblo by Matteo Grassi
05/06/2014 [italy] [livingroom] [permalink]

A steel bookcase with precious coach hide shelves.

Crystal Rock by Lasvit
02/06/2014 [czech] [lighting] [permalink]

Not from the Stone Age but closer to Kryptonite, Crystal Rock appears in the cave of the future as an ambassador of the fusion between nature and man, light and reflection, transparency and mass. All these characteristics are gathered within a perfectly cut, yet roughly sculpted contemporary silex that interacts between light and darkness, suspended in the air like a frozen shooting star. It is as if the world stood still at the very moment you gaze upon it, the multiple reflections and deflections fascinating during the day and even more dynamic at night, when lighted. Crystal Rock s LED source highlights the artistic glassmaking process and advanced gluing techniques, gleaming on its inner curved surfaces and defining form on cut facets.

White by Marketa Richter
30/05/2014 [czech] [others] [permalink]

White ring made of Corian or resin.

Foot by spHaus
27/05/2014 [italy] [livingroom] [permalink]

Foot is a sectional seating system based on a number of flame retardant polyurethane elements with steel tubolar frame (seat, backrest, armrest), to be assembled to make different layouts. An armchair, a two or more seaters sofa, a footstool, a seating island: every layout is possible. Steel feet are powder coated to match the colour of fabric upholstery or in any RAL colour available. Each element cover is removable with an exposed zip. All fabrics and leathers in catalogue are available.

Yadokari by Artemide
18/05/2014 [italy] [lighting] [permalink]

Diffused light. the older news here


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