Inspiration for modern interior and living from Europe

Fungi by Andreas Kowalewski
25/02/2015 [germany] [lighting] [permalink]

The Fungi Lamps are made out of a nylon webbing, bonded together through a special glue technique. With their unconventional construction, each lamp silhouette shows literally a gradual growth like a tree and creates an unique and mystical light effect.

Edgy by Patrycja Domanska
20/02/2015 [poland] [decoration] [permalink]

Edgy is a three-dimensional tile. The aim was to provide an alternative to the flat, two dimensional walls in bathrooms and other living quarters. The form is made up of asymmetrical surfaces, folding onto one plane, to form a hexagonal base.

Compendium by Luceplan
16/02/2015 [italy] [lighting] [permalink]

The Compendium family of lamps, in the floor and suspension versions, stands out for the evocative graphic-sculptural impact of their slim silhouette, summing up the distinctive features of the poetic and functional research conducted on the theme of light by the Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken.

Giunco by Studiocharlie
09/02/2015 [italy] [decoration] [permalink]

Terracotta vases handmade by extrusion, bright glaze finishing with inclusion of fine sand from Po river.

Urbania Latern by Kahler Design
08/01/2015 [denmark] [decoration] [permalink]

With its white-glazed ceramics, the Urbania candle house mimics the church room. The handmade candle house sparkles beautifully in the evening and bids your guests a most magnificent welcome. The candle house is also perfect on the floor or windowsill and spreads evocative light silhouettes in the evening darkness whether inside or outside. Let the candle house sparkle on its own by your front door or group it with the two other sizes for an enchanting welcome.

04/01/2015 [Europe] [others] [permalink]

Boutonniere is a lapel pin for flower made out of glass and brass, contains water to keep the flower fresh all day long. Apart from being pleasing to the eye, the flower also spread its smell while being wearing. Suitable for wedding, prom or any special event.

24/12/2014 [poland] [lighting] [permalink]

HOP combines the strength of modern design together with precise workmanship. We focus on Polish quality as well as solid Polish production. We readily use the services of experts of these dying professions. The first projects of HOP are handmade turned wood lamps made by local craftsmen.

Tab by John Green
07/11/2014 [uk] [lighting] [permalink]

Tab shade is a flat pack light shade, designed for simple home assembly. Tab shade uses laser cut veneer to offer a warm glowing light with an opal acrylic diffuser that ensures an even quality whilst disguising unsightly light bulbs.

Evolution Bathtub by House of Thol
30/10/2014 [netherlands] [bathroom] [permalink]

The bathroom is ever increasingly becoming part of our daily living environment. It is a space we enjoy spending time in and deserves to be cherished. This idea motivated the design of the bathtub Evolution: a combination of contemporary materials and artisan craftsmanship that is all about comfort. The inner tub is made of a fibreglass reinforced polyester/marble composite. To produce it, House of Thol closely collaborates with a manufacturer that has years of experience working with similar materials in the boating industry. The frame is made of American white oak, bended, shaped and assembled by hand in the workshop in Zandvoort.

Alphabet blocks by Kay Bojesen
30/08/2014 [denmark] [kids] [permalink]

Alphabet blocks with 33 curved and 33 straight blocks. Kay Bojesen believed all learning should be fun´╗┐ and entertaining. With this in mind, the alphabeth blocks were created in two different shapes which, combined, can pruduce all the letters of the alphabet. The ideal gift for a child who need to learn the letters of the alphabeth.

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