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Infinity by Lucis
14/09/2012 [czech] [lighting] [permalink]

LUCIS presents its new for this year, the luminary Infinity, designed by the young designer Rene Sulc. The system Infinity had been developed from its very beginning as a modular lighting system for direct and indirect illumination with regards to the newest trends in LED technology. The luminary with the futuristic styling, expressive sophisticated shapes, and elegant clean lines equipped with high-quality powerful LED modules was created by LUCIS and Rene Sulc together.

Porcelain bowls by Problemista
19/05/2011 [czech] [diningroom] [permalink]

Porcelain bowls inspired by landscape. Especially suitable for drinking tea and to warm hands up in the cold winter season.

Bubble by Boadesign
17/05/2011 [czech] [diningroom] [permalink]

Buble set was designed for Kvetna glass works. This set is the result of an economical conception as it is created using just two molds. They only differ in the length of its stems which defines the look and final proportion of each type. As you can guess from the name, the Buble set is inspired by bubbles. The form consists of two circles which permeate each other. The final shape is reminiscent of the curves of a womans body. You can observe the color and appearance of your wine in the bottom part of the glass, while the upper part retains the aroma and allows the bouquet of the wine to stand out.

Chair 002 by Jaroslav Jurica for Ton
30/04/2011 [czech] [diningroom] [permalink]

Chair 002 came up from an international call of the company TON which was announced on the occasion of their 150th anniversary of bentwood production in their factory in Bystřice pod Hostýnem. Their production, typical of manufacturing and developing bentwood furniture for 150 years without interruption, became a challenge to present a new product marking this anniversary. My winning concept interconnects the old and reliable bentwood technology with a new approach in design solution, however it tends to keep the most important values germane to the production of the company at the same time. In case of this chair, I shifted the simplicity of classic bentwood chair much further by reducing stem-bentwood parts to only 2 pieces, which are based on the same mould.

Cocoon by Lucis
12/04/2011 [czech] [lighting] [permalink]

Suspension lamp. Diffuser made of white corian. Metal parts made of white paint matt.

10/02/2011 [czech] [lighting] [permalink]

Series of ambient lights designed by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova. Hand blown glass and oak wood bases.

Flying Orchids by Monsterra
21/12/2010 [czech] [decoration] [permalink]

Flying Orchids hanging vases represent new approach in the interior use of orchids. It is a glass ball shaped vase with a bent neck and specific shape of the bottom that allows the vase to be hung on the steel cable down from the ceiling. One cable can carry more vases then. Inside bent neck prevents the watering humidity from vaporization and creates ideal climate for well – balanced growth of Phalenopsis orchids and other epiphytic species as well.

Afoot lamp by Tomas Bem
21/11/2010 [czech] [lighting] [permalink]

Funny lamp evoking standing figure.

WOT by Techo
19/10/2010 [czech] [office] [permalink]

The W.O.T. universal desk system boasts a unique type of desktop construction. The commonly used laminated chipboard (MFC) has been replaced with a sandwich construction desktop. This consists of a top and bottom panel with a honeycomb centre and an integral frame. This makes the desktop a structural component of the desk. No separate frame, beam or supports are required. Customers will also appreciate the size options available, made possible by the aluminium profiles used for its construction. A further important characteristic of W.O.T. is that it has been designed to be environmentally friendly. The desk system is made in part from recycled material and is itself 100% recyclable. The clean and elegant design was created by the Czech design studio ADR, led by Petr Kolář and Aleš Lapka, in cooperation with renowned Dutch designer Hans Verboom – who developed the technical solution.

FlowerLover by Amosdesign
09/10/2010 [czech] [decoration] [permalink]

A flower table. Flowerlover is made of a combination of massive wood and corian and evokes ancient times in a totally new manner and in contemporary materials. It is equipped with an irrigation system and it is a new series product of AMOSDESIGN.

Ready M. by David Crla
03/10/2010 [czech] [accessories] [permalink]

Ready-made wall clocks made from sheet candlestick. Variants with white and black finish.

27/09/2010 [czech] [livingroom] [permalink]

Original interior and outdoor porcelain.

Zubatá by Verreum
25/09/2010 [czech] [decoration] [permalink]

Collection is designed for thin-walled three-layer opal glass technology. The second option is also provided with the final surface of black glass. Morphology vases in different sizes, lamps and chandeliers, are based on products created during the sixties. It is technically very challenging shaped objects. Designed by Olgoj Chorchoj.

Anna Torfs
16/07/2010 [czech] [decoration] [permalink]

Anna began designing her own glass collections in 2002. Over the years, she has developed two lines: Anna Torfs Basics and Anna Torfs Edition. However distinctive, both collections share the same approach - contemporary design using traditional glass techniques as a base from which to explore and create. The ability of glass to capture, reflect and absorb light is the central theme in Anna's work. Transparency and translucency are not always identical. Colour is critical, evoking strong emotions; colours should be "true". Cutting through the object like an anatomist, Anna reveals layer after layer to show how an object is built. These unconventional cutting techniques also reveal the contrast between the vibrant centre and the sober "skin" of her objects.

Mojo Vase by Supro design
06/07/2010 [czech] [decoration] [permalink]

A spherical vase with a number of different-sized holes, for various types of plants. It can be turned in the required direction using the sand inside. Metal with a comaxite surface finish

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